What We Do

Edge Dispute Resolution was launched in 2014 and is dedicated to providing strategic planning, marketing and business development guidance and direction for ADR professionals.

“The ADR business has been rapidly shifting, especially in Southern California. It’s no longer enough to attract more neutrals or even the most seasoned neutrals. You have to be strategic, vigilant, smart and relevant. Your firm and neutrals must be considered thought leaders to attract prospects while retaining your current clients.”

– Sonia Patel Dalton, Principal

At Edge, we work with individual neutrals to create and implement processes which work with and enhance their practices. These processes assist with effective and efficient case management, targeted marketing, and business development and high-level client service. At Edge, it is our goal to provide individualized and focused attention resulting in a robust and successful neutral practice.

Our Services

Marketing & Strategic Planning

We work with each neutral to develop individual Practice/Business goals. Since each neutral is independent and unlike any other neutral each of these business goals are unique to the neutral, areas of practice, and level of business desired. We gather and analyze information in the marketplace from available information including recent trends and current laws to understand the neutrals market. Thereafter, we create and implement user-friendly methods to achieve established goals and assist in tracking efforts to ensure feasibility and viability of methods.

Business Development

Maintaining and developing business from existing clients is a critical factor in a successful practice. We identify and track existing clients and evaluate/create opportunities to connect with these clients to encourage and expand continued business. Plans are created to assist neutrals to stay on course with development of their business.

Case Management

We create infrastructure necessary for each neutral’s practice. It is important at Edge to create effective and efficient processes from case inquiry to case conversion to case conclusion. We make sure our case management consists of user-friendly methods for billing/payment, document management and transfer of information while ensuring individualized top-level client service.


We provide case management training to other mediation groups and independent neutrals to establish effective case management systems. We work with individuals by developing and training on the best ways to implement effective case management methods to achieve positive results.


Sonia presents to small or large groups of mediators with varying levels of practice on topics such as what you need to start a mediation practice, the necessary documents needed to ensure an effective process, what to look for in case managers, how to maintain and use client lists, and what are best practices for mediators.

Operations Management

If you are looking to create a mediation practice as an individual or group, Sonia is available to consult with you to provide assistance and guidance necessary to starting your mediation business.


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